Murli Buluswar, former Chief Science Officer at AIG, speaks with CXOTalk co-hosts Michael Li, CEO of The Data Incubator, and Michael Krigsman about data science and innovation in the insurance industry. How can insurance and financial services companies adapt and thrive in a world of data and digital disruption?

Buluswar is a trailblazing and innovative leader with a unique capability to structure challenges and opportunities through multi-disciplinary perspectives, and has attracted talent inspired by a collective vision to create scale change powered by curiosity, creativity, and a passion for fact based decision making. Since 2014, he’s helped AIG evolve from a ‘knowing culture’ to a ‘learning culture,’ from an organization reliant on human judgment to a firm that benefits from its institutional risk insights manifested through data models.

As the first C-Suite Chief Science Officer for a Fortune 100 organization, Murli has led the reimagination of sales, underwriting, and claims decisions at AIG. Complemented by advanced algorithms, AIG personnel are now making more sophisticated and faster. Under Murli’s leadership, Science achieved efficiency and simplicity by eliminating workflows, improving accuracy by augmenting human intelligence with machine insights, and by focusing on fewer activities that re-sculpted focus. Having achieved success in influencing change, Science exported its talent into other operating areas to accelerate the cultural adoption.