The technology industry is changing faster than ever, demanding new types of leadership to ensure IT systems meet the sky-high bar that is set across the sector. Growing workforce expectations in tech firms, combined with modern technologies, have pushed even leaders in Silicon Valley to innovate further and improve service delivery while embarking on ambitious programs of digital transformation. In this episode, Ben Haines, Enterprise CIO of early Internet pioneer Yahoo, shares his ideas on rethinking IT to meet these shifts head-on in today's exponential digital era.

Ben Haines leads a team of over 400 people in enterprise IT at Yahoo. His responsibilities include ensuring all Yahoo workers are productive, from all corporate applications to the help desk. Ben Haines was previously the CIO at Pabst Brewing Co. as well as the former CIO at Box. He is an enterprise IT and business professional with over 17 years IT leadership experience. This visionary strategic executive has a focus on short-term execution for immediate results while developing a wide-ranging point-of-view the challenges and opportunities of today's IT fast-moving IT environments. Ben understands how to embrace new technologies responsibly while managing large budgets, executive expectations, and shifting end-user needs.