Dion Hinchcliffe, Chief Strategy Officer, 7Summits

Dion Hinchcliffe, 7Summits

Chief Strategy Officer
What is it like to be an assistant chief information officer (CIO) in the U.S. Navy? Anthony Joyce, ...
Deputy CIO, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, US Navy
Publisher, CXOTalk
Chief Strategy Officer, 7Summits


Dion Hinchcliffe is well-known industry thought leader, business strategist, enterprise architect, bestselling book author, frequent keynote speaker, analyst, futurist, and digital transformation consultant.

He is currently Chief Strategy Officer at the leading online community strategy and design firm, 7Summits, is a widely followed ZDNet Contributor, and judges the CIO100 Awards for CIO Magazine every year. Dion works closely with the leadership teams of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 firms to drive successful change with new digital methods including online communities, enterprise social media, digital business models, Internet ecosystems, workforce collaboration, and the future of work. Recently, Robert Half Inc. identified Dion as one of the top 20 people globally that IT leaders mention most. He can be found on Twitter at @dhinchcliffe

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Chief Strategy Officer, Adjuvi
Chief Strategy Officer, Dachis Group

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US Navy: IT Transformation at Scale

What is it like to be an assistant chief information officer (CIO) in the U.S. Navy? Anthony Joyce, information and business systems director for the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC), talks with CXOTalk about information technology at a very large scale, including issues, challenges, opportunities and digital transformation in IT.

SAP's Millennial CIO: The Changing Role of IT

The Chief Information Officer role is changing dramatically, driven by shifts in expectations from external customers, internal clients, and business leadership. For the CIO, this means rethinking relationships with all these groups. In this episode, we talk with a Millennial CIO to learn from his perspective on the evolving role of IT.

Yahoo CIO: Rethinking Information Technology

The technology industry is changing faster than ever, demanding new types of leadership to ensure IT systems meet the sky-high bar that is set across the sector. Growing workforce expectations in tech firms, combined with modern technologies, have pushed even leaders in Silicon Valley to innovate further and improve service delivery while embarking on ambitious programs of digital transformation. In this episode, Ben Haines, Enterprise CIO of early Internet pioneer Yahoo, shares his ideas on rethinking IT to meet these shifts head-on in today's exponential digital era.

Digital Transformation and Data

Digital transformation means business change based on innovative data sources and technology. This episodes examines how data, predictive analytics, and machine learning can power digital transformation and new business models. The point is accomplishing real business outcomes that make a difference. Our guest is Mike Flannagan, who runs Analytics for software giant SAP.

CIO Transformation and Digital Disruption

As organizations modernize their technology and move into the digital transformation era, IT has become a strategic force for competitive survival. Yet updating core legacy systems and retraining staff while building highly competitive new digital products and services is a tough balancing act that many IT leaders are still struggling with.

Higher Education: Digital Transformation and Innovation

Education is undergoing a transformation unlike any that it has undergone in recent memory. The rise of digital education along with a host of shifting expectations by students is demanding new ways of delivering learning. Higher education must also provide new digital methods to serve to a wide-ranging group of institutional stakeholders, from educators and parents to administrators and students. In this episode, Joanna Young, recent higher ed CIO, industry advisor, and well-known thought leader, brings her latest insight and thinking on the digital transformation of higher education.

Digital Transformation and Smart Cities

Today’s cities are more technology driven than ever, yet their digital transformation is only just beginning. In this episode, Jonathan Reichental, noted city CIO, technologist, and smart city expert, brings his latest ideas and insight into the digital transformation of our civic spaces and lives.

Digital Transformation of Healthcare

Is digital innovation really happening at traditional healthcare players or are so-called "healthtech" startups really leading the charge? As regulated industries finally undergo digital transformation in a major way, CXOTALK brings back well-known CIO David Chou to the show for an update on what he's seeing take place in the healthcare industry today.

Digital Transformation in Insurance with Harford Mutual

Although insurance has long been protected from digital disruption, the industry faces serious challenges in its current form. This episode will explore the digital transformation of insurance with a leading industry CIO.

Digital Transformation in the Insurance Industry, with UNIQA Insurance Group

The financial services industry, including insurance, is undergoing rapid change in response to new technology, FinTech startups, and shifting customer expectations. On this episode, we talk with the CIO and Chief Digital Officer at a large insurance company to understand digital transformation in this important industry.

Digital Transformation and the CIO with Bask Iyer, CIO, VMware

Chief Information Officers are on the front lines of digital transformation. Not only are CIOs responsible for managing change, but the role can affect both the internal organization and customers. On this episode, we explore these issues with Bask Iyer, the CIO of VMware.

Digital Transformation of Government with Jonathan Feldman, CIO, City of Asheville, NC

Local government is changing with the times. This conversation with the CIO of the City of Asheville, Jonathan Feldman, discusses digital transformation in the public sector, and explores how local governments are evolving to meet the digital needs of civic society. Jonathan shares his insights on innovation and progress in city government and how to achieve digital transformation.

Innovation at Harley-Davidson with Sean McCormack, Chief Technology Officer

Everyone knows Harley-Davidson for motorcycles, the company has deep roots in technology, manufacturing, and a variety of business areas. On this episode, Harley's Chief Technology Officer, Sean McCormack, shares the company's innovation story.

Financial Services and Digital Transformation with Ron van Kemenade, CIO, ING Bank

Financial service is undergoing major disruption and transformation. On this episode, we hear from Ron van Kemenade, CIO of ING Bank, who shares his strategy and explains the impact of digital transformation on banking.

Digital Transformation in Health Care with Preston Simons, CIO, Aurora Health Care

Health care is ready for digital transformation. Changing consumer expectations combined with new technologies have pushed even the largest health care providers to innovate and improve patient care. On this episode, Preston Simons, CIO of Aurora Health Care, discusses transformation in this important field.

What is Digital Transformation?

If digital transformation is not your daddy’s e-commerce platform, what is it?

The New CIO Mandate

The New CIO Mandate

Digital Diaspora in the Enterprise: Arrival of the CDO and CCO

Digital Diaspora in the Enterprise: Arrival of the CDO and CCO

Going Beyond ‘Bolt-On’ Digital Transformation

Going Beyond ‘Bolt-On’ Digital Transformation By Dion Hinchcliffe

A CIO's Guide to the Future of Work

A CIO's Guide to the Future of Work By Dion Hinchcliffe

How Leaders Can Address the Challenges of Digital Transformation

How Leaders Can Address the Challenges of Digital Transformation By Dion Hinchcliffe

Essential CIO Priorities for Digital Business in 2014

Essential CIO Priorities for Digital Business in 2014 By Dion Hinchcliffe

The Role of the CIO in Digital and Social Business Transformation

The Role of the CIO in Digital and Social Business Transformation By Dion Hinchcliffe

Digital Priorities for the C-Suite in 2015

Digital Priorities for the C-Suite in 2015 By Dion Hinchcliffe

Should the CIO or the CMO Take the Lead on Big Data?

Should the CIO or the CMO Take the Lead on Big Data? By Dion Hinchcliffe

Three Tips for Digital Transformation

Three tips to success: Engage and enable everyone around innovation. Don't turn digital business into a silo. Make the right investments.

Success Factors for Digital Transformation

Three things influence digital transformation success: the ability to create new things; the ability to execute, and the ability to evaluate outcomes.

CIO and Chief Digital Officer

The CIO vs. CDO world: The CIO's world is IT and operations -- the back office. The CDO's world is business -- creating new opportunities from existing assets.

Attributes of Top Performing CIOs

Top performing CIOs are both visionary and good executors. They understand how to manage risk around technology experimentation and business innovation.

Long-Term Investment and Digital Business

Becoming a digital business is a multi-year investment. The challenge for public companies is sacrificing quarterly profits to invest in the future.

Digital Transformation and Organizational Culture

Organizations should see digital transformation as a change that brings opportunity. Easing the transition takes working with an organization's culture.

Challenges of Creating a Digital Business

There are plenty of reasons why digital transformation is hard. There are the typical issues associated with change, but there are also business issues.

Digital Business and Networks of Value

Today's digital economy is really about the ability of networks to create value for itself. New, fast-growth startups succeed at tapping into these networks.

What is a Digital Business?

Digital businesses are less about owning assets and more about using networks to deliver goods and services to customers.

Orchestrating Digital Transformation

Building a digital business involves creating new operations. Quickly changing this extensively requires more than edicts from the top.

Who Should Lead Digital Transformation?

Everyone is part of the digital transformation effort, so you need leaders at all levels, from the grassroots to the executive suite.

Can a CIO Lead Digital Transformation?

CIOs, of course you can lead the digital business transformation. But it's going to take changing perspective, attitude, and adding some different skills.

Technology Budgets and Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is not free. Whether the LOB is going digital alone or coordinating through IT, technology budgets must dramatically increase.

Digital Transformation and the CIO

CIOs, why should you cede being the center of a digital transformation effort to someone else? This is the clarion call to be part of the business.

Digital Transformation and Marketing

Digitalization has transformed marketing by massively increasing the scale, complexity, and pace of interactions within the marketplace.

Digital Transformation and Operations

Becoming a digital business will cause companies to examine how they operate and what elements should be automated.

Social Business and Collaboration, with Dion Hinchcliffe, Chief Strategy Officer, 7Summits

Dion Hinchcliffe is the Chief Strategy Officer at Dachis Group. In addition, he is a Columnist for InformationWeek.and has been quoted or featured in BusinessWeek, Computerworld, CIO Magazine, Forbes, Wired, and The Wall Street Journal.

Digital Transformation and the CIO, with Dion Hinchcliffe, Chief Strategy Officer, 7Summits

Dion Hinchcliffe is an internationally recognized business strategist, enterprise architect, transformation consultant, analyst and in-demand keynote speaker. He is widely regarded as one of the most influential figures in social business, digital strategy, and enterprise IT.
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Dion Hinchcliffe, Chief Strategy Officer, 7Summits
Dion Hinchcliffe
Chief Strategy Officer

Former Chief Strategy Officer at Adjuvi
Former Chief Strategy Officer at Dachis Group