The cloud can simplify data center infrastructure while improving service delivery to the business. The elasticity of cloud enables the business to expand and contract resources as needed, creating greater predictability of storage hardware and costs.

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Video Transcript: The Challenge of Data Center Architecture

Michael Krigsman: What are the limitations of past data center architectures and approaches that did not lend themselves, or caused problems and challenges today when dealing with such massive data growth?

Dani Golan: So, if you look at the vast growth of different cloud implementations, whether it’s infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, and probably the biggest, most successful example of cloud implementation is software as a service. It’s far more easy to deploy software as a service and scale with it quite rapidly. When you realize why it’s an attractive business model, you need to think first and foremost about scalability. You can scale your IT infrastructure much easier than ever before.

Two, you’re controlling your cost structure in a much more predictable way. If you think about what Kaminario did, it's building a next-generation data infrastructure, a storage infrastructure for the next-generation cloud implementation; the center of our approach was the right scalability where a customer can grow with us anywhere they want in a very seamless cost structure.

Let’s face it. In the past, and it’s still true until today, people do not like to buy storage because A, they are constantly buying storage, and it’s an ongoing disruption to their business. They’re always in some storage project. And we believe that you have to transform how you consume storage completely. It should be the same way that you consume electricity. When was the last time that you checked your electricity bill, and you know it’s there, you know it’s not going to surprise you, you know that you just plug any one of your electrical devices, and it just works. We wanted to bring that simplicity into the next generation of data storage infrastructure over into the next generation data center, which is centered around the Cloud.

Michael Krigsman: So simplicity and predictability are the core; the keys.

Dani Golan: Simplicity and predictability are the keys. And, scalability is baked into any of it. There are no limitations of how customers can scale into any of their current needs, but more importantly, to their unknown future. Most of the customers do not know how their business will look like in three years. Some of them do not know how their business will look like in a quarter! So, scalability is in the core of any next-generation infrastructure play that customers are considering.