Search engine optimization requires all members of the team to address key questions that affect technical, content, and performance issues. Be sure to ask your team the key questions needed to ensure they addressing all aspects of SEO.

Video Transcript: SEO Questions to Ask Your Team

There are some fundamental SEO questions that you should ask your team and to which they should pay attention. Some questions to ask your webmaster, for example, are, "How comfortable are you with adding tracking attributes?" We should track what users are doing on the website, not just did they get to a confirmation page, but did they watch a video, did they click a button.

You know, being able to add those components is critical to be able to see what worked and what didn’t work with all your traffic not just search alone.

Getting back to specific search components. Your webmaster should have the experience to deliver your content faster, for example, using a CDN (a Content Delivery Network) or optimizing your scripts and style sheets.

So ask your webmaster, "Are we delivering our website as fast as we possibly can?" "Does our site look great on any device, any browser, any internet connectivity?" Those are critical questions for the webmaster.

For the content writer, the questions you should ask include:

  • How are users interacting with our content? Are they linking to it? Are they sharing it? Are they bouncing and going somewhere else? Are they filling out a form?
  • Every month, what kind of things are you doing to improve how our page performs? What about the quantity of keywords on the page and how well our page is ranking for those keywords? And how are we improving our user experience contextually? How are we changing the language on our page to resonate better with users?

And the last set of questions that you want to ask your outreach person is:

  • How many other websites are sharing our content, are curating our content, are mentioning and linking to our content?
  • Are we creating content that solves problems, that answers questions that help our industry as well as our potential customers in a way that other people would want to reference it? And when they reference it, our hope is that Google will crawl through those references and help move our rank up in search.

Addressing the technical aspects of SEO is only half a strategy. If no one comes to your website, it doesn’t matter how good your website looks on different devices or how it performs. You must also present content that users will find valuable and helpful.