How to Build Trust?

Kare Anderson explains how to build trust based on mutual interest.


Jul 02, 2015

Kare Anderson explains how to build trust based on mutual interest.


You need trust and you need interest. Get them interested, make them trust you, prove that you have their interest at heart. Everything flows from that, more than charisma or a title you have. When I see you care about my interests, and you prove it in action, then a lot more can happen.

The best way to cultivate trust is to indicate that you’ve heard them; to make a suggestion that’s relevant to them. There’s practically nothing worse than unhelpful help. You build trust when you step into their shoes and say, “In light of that situation, may I make some suggestions?” Sometimes they’ll say, “No, I know what I’m doing. Back off,” or say what you’d like to hear. [You can respond,] "Well, here’s some technologies, or individuals, or an approach that might be helpful." And then they’re engaged with you, and there’s a buy-in.

You need buy-in from others, that they’ve got a stake in the common situation, before you can get them to do anything else. And mutuality matters. I don’t believe that giving is the best thing, frankly. Giving is just the start. It’s when two people realize that together they share a sweet-spot. Not quid pro quo of, "I’ll give if you do this," but an ebb and flow over time of mutuality, where you’re really there for them and each other.

Published Date: Jul 02, 2015

Author: Michael Krigsman

Episode ID: 149