How can Vendors Stand Out?

Discussion with Hank Barnes about How can vendors stand out?


Jul 02, 2015


Discussion with Hank Barnes about How can vendors stand out?


There’s really two techniques, one we’ve talked about which is they need to get others talking about them, but let’s now talk about the specific things that they need to do. One of the techniques that we recommend that they use is something we call progressive engagement., The idea is that buyers are willing to give you a lot of their time until you have shown them that they can get value. So you start with something small, and succinct and to the point, it talks about the value all outcomes that they can achieve and a little bit of context of how they do it.

Your goal with progressive engagement is to get them to say, oh that’s interesting I’d love to know more, and then guide them deeper into your site to learn the additional details. As they go into it more they might say, oh that’s a really interesting story, I wonder what the implementation process looks like. And you can guide them to materials that walk them through the implementation process.

So the key thing to remember is, don’t overwhelm with information too soon, give them enough to say tell me more, and then use progressive engagement to guide them to more and deeper information.

Published Date: Jul 02, 2015

Author: Michael Krigsman

Episode ID: 173