How to Gain Allies?

Discussion with Kare Anderson about How to gain allies


Jul 02, 2015

Discussion with Kare Anderson about How to gain allies


Be very specific and the notion of the sweet-spot or shared interest in this specific situation or this specific idea and proposal. I think we’ll agree and here’s what we each bring to the table. We may not agree on other things but let’s focus on this one where we are, so we’re honed in and concrete and sequential so we’re prepared to be very direct with them and lie totheir interests first and then ours.

One should ask for support in a three step method. First, to address there interest, there hot button or opportunity. Then say what you’re proposing can support that or help them, and then say why you’re interested.

I actually wrote a book called Getting What You Want, which ironically was not the title that I wanted. It was the opposite. But I profoundly believed through the years, we tend to talk about our self and our needs first, will you help me, will you dada for me. And that’s just the reverse of steeping into someone’s shoes and proving you have their interests at heart as well as yours.

Published Date: Jul 02, 2015

Author: Michael Krigsman

Episode ID: 139