Measuring Influence: Marshall Kirkpatrick, Andrew Grill, Flemming Madsen

On this special episode of CxOTalk, we chat with three experts on social influence: Andrew Grill, CEO of Kred; Marshall Kirkpatrick, CEO of Little Bird; and Flemming Madsen, founder of Onalytica.


Sep 20, 2013

On this special episode of CxOTalk, we chat with three experts on social influence. Michael and Vala are joined by Andrew Grill, CEO of Kred, Marshall Kirkpatrick, CEO of Little Bird and Flemming Madsen, the founder of Onalytica. Andrew Grill is the CEO of Kred, the measure of Influence and Outreach in communities connected by interests. A disciplined executive with a record of building social marketing campaigns based on deep analytics, Andrew is one of the world's foremost advocates of engaging influencers and 'local rockstars' to foster strong customer relationships. Previously Andrew was head of international client strategy for Visible Technologies. He is also the editor of social and mobile blog

Flemming Madsen is founder and Executive Chairman of Onalytica. Flemming established the company in 2004 with an initial focus on Social Network Analysis before shifting his attentions to the analysis of the online debate following an assignment with the UK Government's COI. Prior to starting Onalytica, Flemming worked for a systems integrator in the defence industry and for the Danish Minister of Economics and Taxation.

Marshall Kirkpatrick is the CEO of Little Bird. Previously, he was Vice President of Content Development at ReadWriteWeb, and also the Lead Writer. He hails from Portland, Oregon, USA. Prior to joining RWW in Sept 2007, Marshall was Director of Content at SplashCast Media. During 2006 he was Lead Blogger at TechCrunch.

Published Date: Sep 20, 2013

Author: Michael Krigsman

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