Trust and Authenticity

Discussion with Kare Anderson about Trust and authenticity


Jul 02, 2015

Discussion with Kare Anderson about Trust and authenticity


My bias is that authenticity covers to a wide category. It means too many things to many people. But I think if you have trust you believe in that person. I think for more of us, we react against the one thing with someone else we might not like, otherwise we might be dead because that fight or flight syndrome.

But to trust somebody that you will have some things in common and other thigs about which you don’t disagree, that’s a way you build the most valuable allies and you learn more about your own hot buttons. Building trust with people who are different than you around sweet-spots enables you to do a lot more and to have a lot more interesting life. You’ll certainly innovate more.

Authenticity means different things to everybody. They usually use that word when they don’t like and or trust somebody. So I think the code language is, do I trust that person that it’s safe for me to be around them and the layer after that, that they will proactively help me in ways, perhaps even be known to ask them because I didn’t know they had a way to help me. Trust happens at the top of the ladder first with that.

Published Date: Jul 02, 2015

Author: Michael Krigsman

Episode ID: 151