Discussion with Kare Anderson about Share vignettes to be compelling

Share Vignettes to be Compelling

In my mind it’s not storytelling, it’s a vignette. It’s a compared to what. it’s giving people a brighter picture that’s relevant to them and say, if we did this my notion is it would be this. Am I on target with you? Is that something that you think would be better for us and for you? So I think that specificity again, the brighter picture, the bigger pie. If you don’t like the piece of the pie you’re getting, don’t argue about the pie, make it bigger. That’s where people pull others along. They say a narrative where people see a role they want to play in it as Peter Guber said in Tell to Win.

Stories are long, and if you don’t pull people in with a short vignette, an example or compared to what, they’ll go on a mental vacation. You first need to deserve the attention by characterizing the situation with a vignette, and then elaborating and taking it in the direction that matches their interests.

I believe the short form in video and in technology of allsorts holds people to longer form because you get them interested.