Discussion with Kare Anderson about What makes a great vignette?

What Makes a Great Vignette?

I think the component is references or comparisons to things that have meaning and value to the people you seek to pull into the story. And secondarily, they need to have a purposeful narrative that’s brief, and you’re able to say it within a minute to three minutes just as we maybe now.

I think when you pull people in, they’re willing to listen longer and they’ll ask questions. One of the best pieces of advice as I got as a journalist was to shut up and to shut up sooner.

I watched an extraordinary journalist ask a question, the person answered he waited, the person added more. He waited longer, the person really got to the nugget that was the core of the story. And I think in innovation or any kind of business transformation, we want people to settle in and come to their own conclusions and then add our own because then they’ve bought into participating with us. They have invested in it because they’ve thought through things and notice our deep listening.