Advice for Enterprise Buyers Undertaking Digital Transformation

Most companies won’t be able to make the as-a-service transformation alone. It is paramount that you find the right partner to help.


Jul 08, 2015

Phil Fersht gives advice to companies on moving ahead with an as-a-service transformation. He also explains why it’s important to make this transition and why you can’t do it without the right partner.


Get ahead of the curve and prioritize what’s really important to you as an organisation and how to make shifts quicker to write off legacies. So most clients today are getting a better handle and handling data, is still by far in a way the most important issue impacting them.

Understanding what are those shifts that need to take place to get them to a place where they can be more effective in their roles, and their jobs and their careers, I think that’s paramount, and having a partner who can understand them and help them do that. I don’t think you can do this all alone, you need good partners and providers who can work with you and really do more joint solution development and collaborative development with you.

If you haven’t got a partner doing it today, go out and find one because I think for many organizations, particularly in industries like retail where digital is so important, and fundamentally paramount for the future of their industry. You’ve got to have the right partners to help you.

Published Date: Jul 08, 2015

Author: Michael Krigsman

Episode ID: 184