Advice on Selecting the Right Consulting Partner

How do you find a consulting partner who will help you with digital transformation and how do you know if the company is the right partner for you?


Jul 08, 2015

Finding the right consulting partner is easier today because you have many more avenues available for advice, opinions, and feedback. Phil Fresht provides some advice on how to find and choose the partner who is right for you.


Take your time, go and have conversations with these folks, ask them to help you think through your roadmap and where you want to go. Talk to a lot of other peers in a lot of other organizations and understand their experiences with the providers. Talk to academics who can give you partial advice.

Go to conferences, a lot of people are going to conferences again you know, get talking, get on the phone, get listening. Everyone is out there and everyone is striving to achieve the same things right now. So I think a lot of the providers that we talk to they want to talk, they want clients who are willing to open the Komodo a bit and be a bit more open with them, and I think start to have more of those conversations.

Published Date: Jul 08, 2015

Author: Michael Krigsman

Episode ID: 186