Digital Transformation and Marketing

Digitalization has transformed marketing by massively increasing the scale, complexity, and pace of interactions within the marketplace.


Jul 11, 2015

Dion Hinchcliffe discusses the extent that digital technology has transformed marketing. It has enabled the extensive proliferation of marketing channels, channel fragmentation, and two-way interaction between customers and the marketplace. He also discusses the challenges that marketing at this scale and pace presents.


If you look at what marketers are most challenged today it's channel proliferation and channel fragmentation. So whereas the practice of traditional marketing had just a few different media channels primarily to push a message or a telegram story, we’re seeing now that digital channels requires a kind of two-way interaction. So that is scaling that up, you know truly engaging with the marketplace and almost partnering with your customers and with the market on the message that you’re trying to get out, what’s great about your products and services, and doing that across thousands of different channels. That’s really where digital transformation becomes both a enormous challenge and how they impact for organizations.

If you look at top successful marketers, they’re able to deal with very rapid rates of change. Be able to deliver a very effective marketing plan, and execute against that across an ever-changing mix of digital properties and digital capabilities. Real digital transformation will have that continuous process of change.

Published Date: Jul 11, 2015

Author: Michael Krigsman

Episode ID: 193