Digital Transformation and Organizational Culture

Organizations should see digital transformation as a change that brings opportunity. Easing the transition takes working with an organization's culture.


Jul 11, 2015

Enterprises are rewarded for efficiency in handling the status quo. But they must also be able to foresee or respond to changes in the industry and markets. Dion Hinchcliffe discusses the importance of organization and culture in adapting or foreseeing changes in an industry or markets. He talks about the need for pioneers, implementers, and operations people.


​The organisation that survived the best other ones that proactively seek change and opportunity. And in terms of organizational development, the challenges for change is that usually, the people that are really good at operating a business, and the way of disruption today and keep operating that and don’t allow anything to change that, are the ones that keep things going, but they’re not the right mentality and they don’t have the entrepreneurial spirit, and they don’t have that pioneering mindset which you don’t want if you have a business you need to operate and reliably produce.

But, when you are trying to create something new, you need to be able to put the people in the organisation that is most likely to go out there and blaze the trail. And we see this, and this is that the realization that we’ve now had recently and in IT. Is that the town planners don’t get along well with the pioneers all the settlers, but you need all three of those audiences. Right, the pioneers to go out, the settlers, who make whatever is discovered out there that actually work, and the town planners who scale it and make a real business out of it that’s stable.

And if you somehow connect those three groups, that seems to be in the larger problem of the challenge, and the opportunity really of organizational development and digital transformation.

If you can create and cultivate those three groups and get them to somehow integrate well and deliver, then you have a much better chance.

Published Date: Jul 11, 2015

Author: Michael Krigsman

Episode ID: 203