Digital Transformation and the “As-A-Service Economy”

As-a-service commerce is the next phase in the evolution of digital business. Companies will have to improve their digital transformation.


Jul 08, 2015

Digital transformation is about making businesses interact with your business digitally. The as-a-service commerce is about optimizing digital business for your company. Phil Fersht discusses the issues involved with advancing from a digital business to conducting as-a-service commerce.


It’s everything to do with digital transformation. So digital is really the concept of taking old world business processes and putting a digital window in front of them to make businesses interact with you digitally, whether you’re with suppliers, your employees, or your partner’s for example or your customers., there needs to be that digital interface with the world. The as-a-service economy is a lot about embracing that and optimizing that for your business.

And to do that there’s various elements that we feel companies have to go through, and they call it the ideal as-a-service to get there, and this would include for example, intelligent automation, which is such a fundamental component of digital strategies today that we don’t believe that clients can truly go through a transformation until they’ve really got successful automation of their processed.

You can’t really do analytics effectively until your processes are well automated, and we feel you know getting an automation roadmap is really the first of the building blocks towards a digital transformation.

On top of that we look at something which we term as proactive intelligence, which is really all about operation staff focusing much more and interpreting data, seeing new ideas as opposed to doing transactional tasks and that sort of thing. And they also need to have real-time applied analytics models, techniques, and insights from big data, and none of this is possible without true business transformation around digital to enable us to have it.

So, as a service is really how clients going to achieve much more effective operations and business services based on taking better advantage of digital transformation and technology.

Published Date: Jul 08, 2015

Author: Michael Krigsman

Episode ID: 179