Market Acceptance of Digital Transformation

HfS Research recently conducted a survey that shows the marketplace embraces digital transformation with acceptance across different business functions.


Jul 08, 2015

In the 270 organizations surveyed by HfS Research, most participants see technology as helping them be better at their jobs. To some degree, the popularity of LinkedIn, Twitter, and FaceBook has created digital familiarity.


We just conducted a big study of about 270 major organizations and we spoke with a lot of their operation professionals. So these are people right across finance, procurement, HR, as well as IT. And only 6% of them feel threatened by the impact of technology. Most of them see this as an exciting opportunity to skill up and to get better at what they do, to be more effective of what they do. And you can just feel this in our very business environment today. Everybody’s on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook at this point in time.

Everyone is learning how to use digital technology, social technology more effectively to advance their careers and their work life. And nothing is more important right now than people getting ahead of this and trying to be more effective.

Published Date: Jul 08, 2015

Author: Michael Krigsman

Episode ID: 180