Transition to As-a-Service Business for Consulting Firms

Advice for a successful transition to an as-a-service business model.


Jul 08, 2015

The transition to an as-a-service business model involves a lot of pain. Phil Fersht provides some advice for making the transition, including buying some time.


Really make sure you’ve maximized your existing model to get to the new model, and that’s what I think is one of the big challenges our clients are having to bear through right now in terms of figuring out, do I have the optimized [where we’ve remixed?] , do I have all the solution pieces at my disposal. Have I looked at getting the new partnerships in play. Have I looked at maybe acquiring companies who could help me do that?

So I do think we’re in a period of consolidation, of mergers and acquisitions or rethinking and re-communicating with the investment community.

I think acquisitions and mergers are important because they actually buy a little time as well. so if you say, we’re going through a $10 billion merger and you think it will take thing thing 18 month fully operational, you can afford a bit of time to get there. That’s what we need right now as an industry. We need a bit of time, we need a bit of patience and there needs to be a broader understanding of the change and the pain we’re all having to go through to get a head of this as a service curve.

Published Date: Jul 08, 2015

Author: Michael Krigsman

Episode ID: 188